Grinding Disc Applications


high quality grinding disc

The high quality grinding disc has a wide range of applications

Due to the characteristics of high quality grinding disc, diamond abrasive tools are an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and hard alloys in grinding process, which not only has high efficiency, high precision, but also good roughness, less abrasive consumption and long service life, but also improve working conditions.

Therefore, the high quality grinding disc is widely used in low-iron content metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials which are difficult to process in ordinary abrasive tools. It is widely used in optical processing, sapphire, watch lens, glasses, glass products, precision ceramics, ferrite, automobile and motorcycle parts, and beauty, aviation, military, labor cutting tools and other industries.

So far only ceramic bond high quality grinding discs can be trimmed on the machine. When grinding with this grinding disc, there is too much wear and the feed rate is too low. Recently, however, a resin bond grinding grooved grinding disc has been developed which has a high material removal rate and can be trimmed on production equipment.