Defects Of The Grinding Abrasive Disc


China grinding abrasive disc

Important defects of the grinding abrasive disc

The inner hole of the grinding disc is the basis of the installation, and if the diameter of China grinding abrasive disc is not suitable, it is an important defect.

When the diameter of the grinding disc is large, the disc is eccentric after installation, making it unbalanced. When rotating at high speed, it will aggravate the vibration, affect the quality of the grinding process, and even cause the grinding disc to break and equipment damage. If the aperture is too small, the disc cannot be installed and cannot be used. If it is forcibly installed, the spindle will be scratched, which will cause the grinding wheel to break during operation and cause accidents.

Therefore, before using, we must conduct a spot check on the grinding disc. And we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of grinding discs. If you have a need in this area, please feel free to contact us.