Cutting Tools Development Prospects In The Next Few Years


Cutting tools and machine tools, as two subsystems of the manufacturing system, are independent and inseparable and have made important contributions to the improvement of labor productivity in China’s manufacturing industry. What is the future of cutting tools in the next few years? This must be a topic of concern to many people in the industry.
Since the reform and opening up in China, most of the mechanical cutting tools used in China have been imported. Up to now, China has made tremendous progress in resin EN12413 cutting discs export, but most of the tools exported now are standard tools with low price and low grade. For example, in 2004, China exported tools, 2 billion pieces of tools in 2.5 billion pieces of tools are The tools that are low-cost offset can be seen that there is still no small development pressure on our tools.

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Looking at the global market, the global manufacturing industry spends more than $400 billion annually on cutting, with tooling costs around $20 billion. Modern and efficient tools can greatly improve production efficiency in the development of the manufacturing industry, so each country is working hard to develop high-efficiency props and use it as an important means to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing. In this regard, our country is in a relatively disadvantaged position.
According to this analysis, in the next few years, with the continuous development of China’s manufacturing industry, China’s tool factories will mainly focus on production standards in the short-term, but the demand for high-efficiency and advanced tools will increase rapidly, and the proportion of standard tools will be Gradually decreased.
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