Cutting Disc Features


The China cutting disc for metal has high strength, high toughness, high cutting force, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, the material must be the best. The corundum level sand produced by our factory is recycled and smelted uniformly. After calcination, the alumina is ideal. Wheel material.

Medical equipment, auto parts, bearings, stainless steel surface and other precision equipment have high tensile strength, high sandblasting requirements, and the surface of the membrane shell needs to be bright after sandblasting. The higher the strength of the corundum, the stronger the grinding force and the surface light. The better the effect, the finer the throw.

Ceramic blasting requires relatively complete technology, and all aspects directly affect the quality of the finished product. Emery has high strength and toughness, and can remove particles that are not tightly attached to the ceramic surface after blasting.

long life grinding wheel

The cutting machine should be turned on before use to see if the operation is stable and normal.
There is a certain safety risk in the use of the cutting machine. Others who are skilled in the maintenance of the large class may not use it. Before using the cutting machine, you need to carefully check the protective cover, auxiliary handle, and must be intact; no mismatched cutting disc type and shroud can be used. Before installing the aluminum flat cutting disc, it is necessary to pay attention to the phenomenon of moisture and corners. It must be securely installed without looseness. It is strictly forbidden to use other external tools to hit the cutting disc clamping nut without special tools.

The cutting machine must be turned on and tested before use. See if the cutting disc is running smoothly and properly. Check the wear level of the carbon brush. Replace it with a professional if necessary. After confirming it, it can be used normally.

The cutting machine is strictly prohibited from rubbing and cutting the surrounding workers and all flammable and explosive dangerous materials in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Use it properly to ensure personal and property safety.