Cutting/Grinding Wheel Use Precautions


Henan Aurora Abrasive is the professional cutting disc manufacturer in China and following is the cutting/grinding wheel made in China use precautions.

1. Before installing the cutting/grinding wheel, check to see if there is any crack, and use a wooden hammer to strike the wheel to hear if there is abnormal sound. If there is, the grinding wheel cannot be used, so as to avoid the consequences of injury caused by the broken wheel.

2. Newly installed or used cutting/grinding wheels should be idling for more than one minute before use. If everything is normal, it can be used according to the relevant rules of machinery.

3. Because the cutting/grinding wheel is brittle and fragile, the anger must be impacted and collided, and it must not fall. Store it with anti-freeze and moisture-proof. Keep the room cool and ventilated. Place it flat, stack it neatly, pay attention to dustproof, keep the unused cutting/grinding wheel clean, and do not press it.

4. When installing the cutting/grinding wheel, the center of the fast working grinding wheel must be found and it should be fastened with a flange.

5. After installing the cutting/grinding wheel, in order to secure several pieces, be sure to install a qualified protective cover before starting the machine.

grinding wheel use precautions