Cutting Discs For UAE(United Arab Emirates) Customers Are Going To Set Off


Henan Aurora Abrasive Co., Ltd always sticks on the customer service. We are willing to work with our clients for any possible problems or troubles to make the sales always easy for the customers and the terminal users get the products at the best performance at the same time.

At the end of this month, the order from our UAE market is going to set off. The production costs less than 20 days which is beyond our expectation. Usually, we make the contract including the delivery time of 30 days cause the factory has to make the production schedule based on the MOQ( minimum order quantity). The production line will constantly work all day at the capacity of 150000 pieces one single day.

Our customer from UAE is claimed to be extremely urgent need for the durable cutting off wheel products. We signed the contract with the delivery of 30 days but we stay close with our production department and finally cut the preparation period down to 20 days.

aluminum abrasive cutting disc