Cutting Disc Development Trend


With more and more machinery industries, more mechanical products need to be processed. Usually, each product needs to be cut by a aluminum flat cutting disc, and then subjected to subsequent grinding and polishing. After a series of processes, it becomes a mature. Products, then what kind of cutting disc products will become the leader in the industry?
Made of glass fiber and resin as the reinforced bonding material, it has the high tensile, impact and flexural strength. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal. The excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship guarantee different materials. High cutting efficiency and optimum economics of the workpiece.

cut off wheel dressing

First, the hardness of the cutting disc, more and more new metal products in the future, then the hardness requirements of the cutting disc products are also more and more, the hardness of the cutting disc product determines everything of the product, currently, by superhard abrasives High precision and high efficiency grinding results have been widely recognized.
Second, the improvement of the physical structure of the abrasive tool, such as increasing the number of abrasive grains acting on the workpiece per unit time, increasing the average length of the grinding, and increasing the grinding contact surface, all of which change the amount of grinding per unit time, effectively Improve the efficiency; the China cutting disc for metal that really improves the efficiency of the product can truly grasp the future market.
With the development of the machinery industry in the future, more and more cutting disk industry is beginning to approach this market. Many companies have begun to update their product technology, hoping to develop more good products.