Cut Off The Safe Use Of The Grinding Wheel


Seeing that the cutting blade server is attached to the wheel, in the production and manufacturing industries, sometimes it requires a certain amount of grinding and cutting. The cutting is used in order to make some mechanical grinding processing. It is necessary for us to use a fast 9″ grinding wheel or another size abrasive, where the wheel safety is cut off. Precautions.

Nowadays cutting technology is becoming more and more advanced. The most difficult one is the diamond material. The matrix and the cutter head are composed of two parts. The substrate is bonded to the head of the main support, and the cutter is used for the part cutting process. Need to pay attention to the user process:

1. Replace the cutting piece, the first round of power failure, signboard, and the suspension of the cutting parts must be concentric, fastened, so as not to fall off.

2. During operation, such as cutting damage, should immediately stop using, replace the high efficient metal abrasive disc, and then run. After cutting, turn off the power, when the wheel stops rotating, then the object avoids spinning to see the blade cut.

3. It is strictly forbidden to cut and polish objects.

abrasive cutting with grinder machine