Correct Use Of Cutting Blades


Everyone in life is not difficult to see the working scene of the imported cutting piece. The high-speed cutting piece emits a dazzling spark, which is filled with the noise of the noise of the noise. It is terrible to hear the sound. Indeed, the slight inattention of imported cutting blades at high speeds can have serious consequences, so the correct use of aluminum flat cutting disc is particularly important. Today Xiaobian teaches you how to use the cutting piece correctly for cutting:
1, let the cutting piece run within the working range, do not use it for operations other than work, which will affect the normal use of the tool;

depressed grinding disc in stock
2. Before using the cutting piece, carefully check the grinding wheel to confirm that the grinding wheel does not have any deformation or cracking; some grinding wheels have a direction, and when rotating, the direction of the grinding wheel and the machine tool need to be run. The direction is adjusted consistently, and there is no need to reverse the situation. It is difficult to reverse the performance of the tool;
3, when the tool is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch the tool by hand to avoid scratching by the opponent; in the process of operation, if there is an abnormality, it is necessary to stop the operation of the tool immediately, check the cause of the problem, and deal with it in time;
In order to reduce the accidental injury during the process, we introduced how to correctly use the China cutting disc for metal for cutting, which increases the safety awareness of the operator and effectively avoids the damage caused by improper operation.