Choosing The Right Grinding Disc


high quality grinding disc

The high quality grinding disc base has large deformation, inconsistent thickness and large tolerance of the inner hole. When there is a problem with the congenital defects of the above-mentioned substrate, there is a grinding error regardless of the type of equipment used. The deformation of the base body deviates from the two side angles; the thickness of the base body is inconsistent with respect to the back angle and the rake angle. If the cumulative tolerance is too large, the quality and accuracy of the saw blade are seriously affected.

Welding factor. When welding, the alloy has a large deviation to the medium degree, which affects the grinding precision. When the grinding head is pressed, the pressure is small, the back angle also produces the above factors, the welding angle is poor, and the human inevitable factors are all related to the grinding disc during grinding. Factors have an unavoidable impact.

The quality of the high quality grinding disc and the influence of the width of the grinding disc. When using the grinding disc to grind the alloy sheet, pay attention to the particle size of the grinding disc, and the grain size is too coarse to grind to produce the grinding disc trace. The low price grinding disc is fine in size and easy to block the grinding amount and easy to burn the knife. The diameter of the grinding disc and the thickness of high quality grinding discs are determined according to the length and width of the alloy or the different tooth shapes and the various surfaces of the alloy. It is not a chamfer or front angle grinding disc. The grinding can be arbitrarily ground with different tooth shapes. Specification grinding disc.

Grinding center. All saw blades are centered on the base, not centered on the edge, the plane grinding center cannot be taken out, the back corner, the front corner cannot be used to grind a saw blade, and the saw blade is ground in three processes. The center cannot be ignored. When grinding the side angles, the thickness of the alloy is carefully observed. The thickness of the grinding center changes accordingly. Regardless of the thickness of the alloy, the center line of the high quality grinding disc should be kept in line with the welding position when grinding the surface, otherwise, the angle difference will affect the cutting.