China High Efficient Grinding Disc Dressing


China high efficient grinding disc

1. When using the gas spark to trim China high efficient grinding disc, the polarity effect is different from that used in the liquid. The spark discharge in the gas medium starts from the breakdown of townsend, and slowly develops into the process of streamer breakdown. The discharge parameters used are relatively small and should be trimmed using the positive polarity effect. This achieves a higher material removal rate.
2. Experiments verify that the use of rotating disc electrodes can greatly alleviate the short circuit and arcing during processing, and increase the stability of trimming.
3. The size of a single pulse energy is determined by the pulse width and the peak voltage. The magnitude of the pulse energy directly affects the surface topography of the dressing wheel and its trimming accuracy.
4. When other parameters are unchanged, connecting high-power resistors at the output end of the power supply can reduce the discharge energy and is suitable for trimming China high efficient grinding disc.