Characteristics And Application Of Resin Abrasive Grinding Wheel


The resin binder has a higher bonding strength than the ceramic binder, and the manufactured grinding wheel has higher mechanical strength than the ceramic wheel. It can be used at higher speeds, can withstand large grinding pressure, and is safe to operate. It is widely used in the rough grinding process of steel, automobile bearings, chemical machinery, construction, and other industries. The resin is a polymer compound with a certain toughness and elastic deformation, which can buffer the grinding pressure, so the grinding effect is good, and it has a good polishing effect, which can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece.

With the advent of new resins, resin wheels of various strengths and properties can be made, which can be used for grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-finishing, fine grinding, polishing, and other grinding wheels. The resin binder has a low curing temperature and a small shrinkage rate and can be made into a grinding wheel of various complicated shapes and special requirements. Such as a cut-shaped cutting disc, plus a high-speed aluminum flat cutting disc of mesh cloth. The resin binder has low heat resistance and is easily charred by heat during the grinding process, which promotes the blunt abrasion of the abrasive grains, reveals new sharp abrasive grains, reduces the heat of the grinding area, and avoids burns of the workpiece; therefore, Suitable for surface grinding, etc., but the wear is greater than ceramic grinding wheels. The production cycle of the resin grinding wheel is short, the equipment is simple and the investment is small, the capital turnover is fast, and the production efficiency is high, which is beneficial to professional production. Generally, the resin grinding wheel has poor alkali resistance and water resistance and cannot be stored for a long time. In the case of alkaline substances, the resin structure degrades, affecting the strength and hardness of the grinding wheel. In addition, the resin grinding wheel is expensive and the production environment is poor.aluminum flat cutting discResin grinding wheels are used in a wide range of applications. Cutting discs are mainly used in the steel industry for the grinding of steel ingots, billets, steel plates and the surface cleaning of various castings. In terms of production, it ranks first in various resin grinding wheels. The high-speed cutting piece is developed on the basis of the ordinary cutting piece according to the grinding process requirement. The speed is 70-80M/S, which has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good impact resistance and bending resistance. High-speed grinding discs are widely used in the grinding of welds in metallurgical, chemical, shipbuilding and other mechanical processing industries, cleaning of casting burrs and metal surfaces. The product has many specifications and the speed of use is 60-80M/S. It is widely used in the grinding industry of automobiles, tractors, and bearings. Its outstanding feature is the use of surface grinding technology. It can be made into a non-shaped grinding wheel such as an atmospheric cutting disc or a slotted cutting disc, which greatly improves the grinding performance of the cutting disc. In addition, some resin low price disc for metal are also widely used in various industries, replacing ceramic cutting discs and rubber cutting discs to varying degrees.