Aurora’s Products Are Always Proved To Get The Excellent Performance


Henan Aurora Abrasive Co. always works with you based on our profession. Our products are always proved to get excellent performance.

When it comes to tough jobs in surface finishing or machine working, you need to choose the right tool to make it work. Aurora’s high-quality resin bonded cutting and 4 inches China grinding disc factory always prove that you made the right decision. They are safe, reliable and rock-solid.

Our product range gives you the freedom to choose from three different grades, depending on your application:

Economic: solid service life, fast cutting.

Standard: long service life increased cutting speed, easy cutting, very efficient.

Professional: extra long service life, maximum cutting speed, high-performance, profitable.

Our products are known for the features such as long life, low noise, strong capacity of grinding, abrasion resistant, excellent flexibility, dimensional accuracy, reliability, long service life, maximum mechanical strength, precision cutting and grinding, the fiber of high strength and many more.high quality cutting disc for sale