Aurora Keeps Supplying The Brand-new Cutting And Grinding Disc


Henan Aurora Abrasive Co., Ltd. is the professional abrasive manufacturer with 26 years’ experience. We have mature production lines and advanced equipment

I’d like to let you know that most Chinese factories will have to stop the production recently when near the Chinese Spring Festival because of the Chinese Environmental Protection Issue. That is the reason why the product will be stressed this time.

But for us, Aurora Abrasive Co., our factory has avoided all kinds of pollution and is allowed to continue production all year. We have also prepared enough raw materials in advance. At this very special period, the production schedule needs to be arranged very carefully.

Our company, Aurora Abrasive, is capable of all sizes of cutting and grinding disc. You are welcomed to send us the inquiry at any time. We would like to cooperation with you by any chance in the nearest future.metal cutting saw