Aurora Cutting Disc Get The Good Feedback From Nigeria Customer


Aurora products are always customized for each of our customers. In different countries and markets, they demand various quality because the steel and inox in different countries are not in the same standard.

Nigeria market is a typical market for the abrasive tools in Africa region. The people there demand not only the sharpness but also the durability. After a longtime discussion. Our technicians redesign the ingredient of the disc and finally produce the disc with the balance of sharpness and durability. The customer is very satisfied.

We are glad to hear from our customers and we are honored to receive positive feedback. At last of the conversation today, we emphasized that they have to use the matched cutting disc and machine. As we know,  in some market, especially the Africa countries, people use the machine casually. For example, they install 180mm cutting disc on 230mm machines. This is totally wrong and severe injury may happen cause the machines speed is not suitable for 180mm disc and it could break during the rotation.

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd is a profession abrasive manufacturer since 1992, you are welcome to send us questions about China cut off disc that you are interested in.

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