Aurora Abrasive Cutting Disc Got The Feedback With Good Performance On Singapore


Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd. is always working along with our customers, providing with professional service and high quality metal grinding disc. Furthermore, when confirming the product information with our customers, we always refer to the local market information according to our experience during the past years. This will not only make the communication between the customer and us more smoothly and efficiently but also avoid the possible trouble of the unsuitability between different markets.

We got the feedback from our Singapore customer after the sample express. We confirmed and sent the production based on our experience. After the customer tested free sample cutting disc, they feed us back with the excellent performance and now the massive order is under the schedule.

Different countries need different sizes and material of the disc. Also, the disc will be used on the different metal and steel. For this reason, the terminal may know which general size they want but they cannot send all the specifics. Aurora Abrasive is always on the way that builds up our figure that as professional China grinding disc manufacturer, we will continue working with our customers till they get what they exactly need for the target market. Every time when the quotation is done, we reconfirm with the customer by sending them the information we collect during our past years.