Analyze The Three Major Indicators Of Cutting Tablets


With the development of the abrasives industry, the cutting sheet industry is gradually developing, and because of its performance reasons, it is also popular with many users. You know that the performance of the cutting sheet is very important for production, then you know about performance. Some knowledge? Aurora abrasives have been studied for 115*1*22 cutting discfor many years and found that the performance of cutting sheets depends on three major indicators. The following accurate analysis, detailed analysis, I hope to help you improve the skills of discriminating cutting blades.

First, the cutting efficiency of the cutting piece

The cutting efficiency of the cutting piece is the main indicator of its productivity. It is usually expressed in cm2/min. It is a sign of sharpness of the slice, which is a basic indicator for the attention of stone processing enterprises. In addition to the general cutting machine and manual operation efficiency, this indicator also includes the use efficiency of product unit power consumption. In the case of Aurora-cut cutting blades, only cutting efficiency reaches a certain value, ensuring that the company will bring benefits rather than losses.

Second, the processing quality of the cutting piece

The processing quality of the cutting piece refers to the quality of the plate cut by the cutting piece, mainly refers to the surface flatness, flatness, parallelism of both sides, and edge integrity. For example, the cutting piece of Aurora cutting can only continue to be used normally if the processing quality is up to standard.

Third, the life of the cutting piece

The service life of the cutting piece is a basic parameter reflecting the working ability of the cutting piece, or an indicator of the durability of the cutting piece. It refers to the total number of sheets that a cutting piece can process, usually expressed in area square meters. Sometimes measured in square meters. This indicator is crucial for stone processors.

The above is a few indicators for the analysis of the cutting piece for everyone, I hope to help you have a better understanding of the cutting piece.