Analysis Of The Effect Of Cutting Disc Balance On Cutting Performance?


As a cutting device that is commonly used nowadays, when the user purchases, in addition to the type of the cutting disc, the user also pays attention to the performance problem of the cutting disc. Some users who have used the cutting disc know that it affects it. There are many factors in the cutting performance, and its shape and balance are two of them. So, what are the effects of these two factors on its cutting performance? Today, the aurora abrasives are analyzed with 115*1*22 cutting disc as an example.

1. The more unbalanced the cutting disc, the greater the vibration during cutting, which will easily cause the cutting disc to fall off and affect the strength;

2. When the end of the cutting disc jumps large, the cutting will swing back and forth, and the cutting width is large. The material to be cut is unnecessarily consumed, and the consumption of the cut disc is naturally large and has a large influence. When the cutting piece has a large radial runout, the vibration is large at the initial stage of cutting, which tends to cause the cutting disc to fall off, affecting the strength and cutting, but is automatically trimmed after cutting, and the overall influence is small;

3. When the thickness is large, the slit is wide and the cutting disc is expensive; when the strength is guaranteed, the smaller the thickness, the better, which not only saves the material of the cutting disc but also saves the material to be cut; when the flatness is large, the width of the slit is determined by the thickest part. The strength is determined by the thinnest part, and the wear is large and the vibration is large, which affects the entire cutting process. When the thickness of the cutting disc is large in the middle and the thickness on the side is small, the side of the cutting disc is ground and the workpiece is cut during the cutting process.

The above is the analysis of the shape and balance of the cutting disc for the analysis of the cutting performance. I hope that you can better choose the right cutting piece when you choose the cutting disc.

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