Analysis Of The Development Of The Abrasives Industry


Various abrasive abrasives are indispensable tools for industrial production and processing, and their use covers a wide range. Abrasives abrasive products have only two functions: one is cutting; the other is grinding and polishing.

With the development of China’s economy, all walks of life have made great progress, and it has also stimulated the development of the abrasives industry. However, some of the problems of China cutting disc for metal have also been exposed to the development of the abrasive industry.

Abrasives industry is a relatively special industry. Abrasives products are consumables themselves. They are industrial consumables. Energy conservation and emission reduction are mainly reflected in abrasive smelting. At present, domestic brown fused alumina has overcapacity. If it does not meet the requirements of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, it will focus on eliminating the backward production capacity of the brown corundum industry. In addition, to ensure that the abrasives industry can be healthy and orderly in the future development, we also need to work together to solve the following other problems: First, the enterprise structure, the scale structure of China’s abrasives and abrasives enterprises is still very unreasonable. The production capacity of enterprises is scattered, the scale is small, the benefits are low, the industrial concentration is low, and small enterprises still occupy a large proportion. Secondly, the new product research and development capabilities are weak. Domestic abrasives and abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market. The products are low in technical content and lack of high-end technology products. High-end technology products mainly rely on imports and can only meet the requirements of automobiles, aerospace, machine tools, bearings and locomotives. The demand for such industries is about 1/3; third, overcapacity, the homogenization of low-end products is serious, and its corundum production is particularly prominent. Fourth, the industry lacks authoritative quality standards and corresponding quality control systems and departments.

The implementation of the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has brought development opportunities and challenges to the development of the abrasives industry. Energy-saving emission reduction and clean production will be widely exhibited in the production field of abrasives and abrasives. All abrasives and abrasives enterprises should seek breakthroughs in technological innovation and research and development of new products.

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