Aurora Actively Responds To Abrasive Product Quality Improvement Actions


aurora cutting disc


As a professional abrasive manufacturer with 26 years of experience, Henan Aurora Abrasive Co., Ltd. not only produces high performance cutting disc products but also actively responds to the quality improvement actions of abrasive products, creating China cut off disc brands and enhancing corporate influence.

Henan Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. optimizes the industrial layout. Actively respond to the call for the development of new materials industrial parks; accelerate the research and development of abrasive materials for industrial parks. Integrate product display, warehousing, logistics, information, and e-commerce. The business scope covers raw materials, finished products, and auxiliary materials. The online and professional market for products is an important production center for the abrasives industry.

In the future, the company will further improve the overall level of the abrasive industry and reach the international leading level. Participate in “standard leadership”, achieve standard support, and lead the industry. It puts forward the requirements of improving quality awareness, quality credit level, perfecting quality management system, enterprise scientific and technological innovation ability, and continuously improving the quality competitiveness of abrasive materials.