Free Sample T41 4″ Green Color WA54 105*1.2*16 mm Cutting Disc Size

4″ Cutting Disc

We pay high attention to the quality control of our free sample cutting disc. The regular T41 4 inches cutting disc size is 105*1.2*16 Cutting disc. We are one of the green cutting disc and black cutting disc supplier Top Company in China. Our brand Aurora T41 green cutting disc size is made of Brown corundum. The surface looks very smooth. Strong sharpness and special fiberglass nets with strong safety. We would like to supply some samples for your testing before your order and we will provide a solution to you when having a problem.

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Product Details

Basic Information

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD is located in Zhengzhou, The famous specialized resin abrasive tools manufacturer, one of the most influential company supply cutting disc in Asia.

Because of 26 years manufacturing experience for Cutting disc, we create unique competitiveness. Sharp! Accurate! Durable!–the standard of our Cutting disc products.

We pay 100% attention to the quality of cutting disc. The product cutting disc quality must be controlled from the source, the material of cutting disc must be selected strictly. The international advanced production technology and equipment can make sure that there is no mistake in manufacturing cutting disc process. we are proud of S.AURORA cutting disc, not only the production technology, but also each batch of cutting disc will be taken a quality test to ensure perfection, we never neglect any tiny piece. Including material selection for flat abrasive cutting disc, Design logo, Print Packing. Etc.

Production Process

We will choose high-quality material for making a cutting disc, Such as T41 4 inch cutting disc size. We will choose Green color gravel and light yellow Fiber web. The White corundum material made of Brown corundum by deep processing. The Firstly, Mixing the material—The second, cooling mixed materials—The third, Weighing for each item—-The Fourth, Material addition according to the mold—The Fifth, Screening the material—The sixth, Place the label on the 4″ Cutting disc, then through the pressing and heating by the machine. The most important is testing the balance for the cutting disc. We will pick out the unbalanced cutting disc because they are unstable after production. It will be very dangerous to use. The last one is stoving the T41 4 inches cutting disc size, After more than ten hours of calcination, these samples T41 WA54 4 inch green cutting disc size items were finally completed.

Before packing, each piece of cutting disc must pass the strict screening. Such as safety tests, work efficiency test, quality tests, etc. Only with the absolute quality and passing tests, the product for cutting disc could leave our workshop. The finally we can packing cutting disc according to the customer requirement. Then the items of cutting disc can be a load. The more attention paid for the test of cutting disc, the safer you can feel when you use the cutting disc. So The Strict test gives us confidence in keeping our best quality consistently.

We will be your friend with honesty, try our best to be your best manufacturer with trust, to be your best partner.

Product Export Range

We are one of the 115 golden star cutting disc and black cutting disc supplier Top Company in China. We have exported to the Middle East, South Africa, South America, and Asia. Such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Kuwait, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, India, United States of America and so on.

We know The T41 4″ Green WA 54 105*1.2*16 mm Cutting disc size is popular in India. And they like Yuri Anyan and Uthr and other brand cutting disc. It will be cheaper with Grade B quality. My customers told us that The Consumption in the Indian market for each day. It about is one hundred million for one day in the whole India market. This is an amazing number when I hear it. Obviously, this size cutting disc is selling very well in India.

A customer from Sri Lanka, when we discussed, He told us T41 Green cutting disc size is also popular in the market. But they want to purchase Grade A quality cutting disc with a Competitive price. Usually, they will choose Chinese suppliers. As we know, China has many manufacturers. And the price will be cheaper than in other countries. So many customers will choose import cutting disc from China. It will save many costs.

Different from Our Cutting Disc with Other Factories

Other Brand 4″ green cutting disc size only cutting one material, Such as Iron. Other materials are not sharp. And the workpiece burns after cutting. Normal fiberglass nets and poor impact. So they can do a low price for the 4 inches green cutting disc. Without any certification, Even the quality of 4″ green cutting disc has not passed the testing. When you choose this type 4 inches green cutting disc for sale, the factory usually shirk responsibility to you when having a problem.

Our brand Aurora T41 4″ 105*1.2*16 cutting disc size be made of Brown corundum. The surface looks very smooth. Strong sharpness and special fiberglass nets with strong safety. Pass the German certification. And after- sales service guarantee for one year. Any questions after you received our goods, we will provide a solution for you as soon as possible.

Why You Choose Us

1. We only supply Grade a quality for free sample cutting disc.

2. Our cutting disc must be testing first before you load goods.

3. We can supply sharper or more durable of cutting disc according to your requirement.

4. We would like to supply some samples for your testing before your order.

5. We will provide a solution for you when having a problem.